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Wayne C. Huber, Ph. D.
iTech has three primary associates: Dr. Gerald D. Chandler, Dr. Moshe Rozenblit, and Dr. Wayne Huber. All have decades of experience in their respective fields. In general they work independently but as the occasion arises they work together and bring in additional experts.
iTech Associates
Gerald D. Chandler, Ph. D.
Moshe Rozenblit, Ph. D.

Dr. Chandler is an expert on software system  design and implementation. He has consulted on military and civilian projects including banking, telecommunications, developmental economics, and statistical studies,. For many years he taught computer science at several international universities.


His Ph.D is in physics  from the University of Illinois.

(571) 312-4080



Dr. Rozenblit is an expert on cyber systems security and network management. He has worked on securing miiltary and civilian systems and creating international standards. He is the author of a book on TMN security and holds related patents.


His Ph.D. Is in physics from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

(646) 544-2004




Dr. Huber is an expert in urban hydrology and stormwater management, nonpoint source pollution, and transport processes related to water quality. For many years he taught at the University of Florida and Oregon State University


His Ph.D. is in Civil Engineering from M.I.T.